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Solar panels Adelaide are one of the best investments that you can make for both your home and your family! With increasing electricity prices, and the growing demand for clean, energy-efficient systems, the team at Class A Energy Solutions have the experience, the expertise and the knowledge to help you in your journey to moving toward a solar system for your home or business.

Installing solar panels Adelaide can be an overwhelming decision. We understand the weight behind this financial investment, which is why we want to make sure you’re well informed and confident in your chosen system. We’re a Qualified System Provider under the current South Australian Government’s Home Battery Scheme, as well as a specified installer under Simply Energy’s SA Virtual Power Plant, so our experienced in-house team have a great understanding of the solar industry, and make for the best partners when opting for solar.


Solar panels Adelaide are comprised of a number of photovoltaic cells, which make up the grid found on the solar system. These individual cells are composed of two layers of interconnected silicon, which are bound together by thin metal lines and serve as the conductor of the solar cells. It is in this silicon material that a reaction known as the ‘photovoltaic effect’ generates an electrical current when exposed to sunlight.

Whether it’s a sunny or overcast day, these solar panels Adelaide on your roof will capture photons from the sun’s natural light. The silicon and conductors within your panels will absorb these small solar cells, causing electrons to flow through the bottom layer of the panels. This movement generated direct current (DC) electricity which flows into an inverter and converted into alternating current (AC) electricity. The end result: clean solar energy for your home or business.


You know you can trust us for your solar system Adelaide because we’re a Clean Energy Council approved retailer, demonstrating our commitment to best industry practice. Operating in alignment with the Code of Ethics.

  • Clean Energy Source: Solar panels Adelaide are CO2 free! No harmful gas emissions are released into the atmosphere when electricity is being produced, which means you contribute to a more sustainable, efficient future.
  • Unlimited Power Source: Our sun produces enough light to meet the entire world’s energy needs. And contrary to popular belief, solar panels are not powered by the heat of the sun, but rather the sunlight, so home and business owners who live in cooler climates can too enjoy the benefits.
  • Reduced Your Electricity Bills: Although the initial outlay to purchase your own solar panels Adelaide can be quite daunting, the long term savings that result from the installation of you solar panels Adelaide are incredible.
  • Increase Property Value: Multiple studies have shown that homes with installed solar systems have higher property values, and are perceived to be more desirable and attractive to purchase due to their efficiency.


Discuss solar with our team today

Every household is different to the next, so you need to ensure that your chosen solar panels Adelaide serve your varying needs. With a number of solar systems available to consumers, discuss your home’s potential with Class A Energy Solutions and take advantage of your rooftop real estate.


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