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Class A Energy Solutions are the leaders in solar Adelaide. We specialise in all aspects of the sales, design and installation of panels and systems to effectively cut energy costs in both residential and commercial applications.

We have an in-house team of highly trained and experienced professionals who are genuinely passionate about the results we can achieve though our advanced equipment and methods. But it doesn’t stop with Solar Adelaide—our network spans right across Australia, linking us with other highly reputable names in solar to continually offer the best market solutions to our customers.

Some of the brands we trust and supply include Trina SolarJinko SolarLG ChemSolar EdgeFronius and more. To date, we carried out over 10,000 installations Australia-wide; with every product tailored specifically to the customer. We even have a 5-year installation services warranty for peace of mind!


To prove that we’re committed to best practice in solar Adelaide, we’re accredited by the Clean Energy Council (CEC). The CEC is the peak body organisation in our field, forming the ethical framework that facilitates professional conduct. Trust lies at the forefront of our service, so it’s important that our customers are aware of our full compliance with the Member statement.

Some of the points outlined in the statement include:

  • Aim to bring long-term benefits to the industry, rather than short-term advantage for individuals.
  • Act ethically and with integrity, decency and respect for the community and the environment.
  • Contribute proactively to a clean energy future for Australia by demonstrating sustainable practices.

As a small, family owned and operated business, we believe in forming long-term relationship with our customers through ongoing service and support. We’re always just a phone call away for any enquiries regarding solar Adelaide!


As premium providers of solar Adelaide for both homes and business, we have a wide range of packages available that will be tailored specifically to your performance needs. Here’s a brief run down of what Class A Energy Solutions can provide for you!

  • Commercial: We’re proud to have provided local businesses with large-scale system to fuel sustainable practice, have installed systems as large as 1.3MW. In addition to the panels, we also provide businesses with back-up generators and set up live commercial monitoring for 24/7 access to performance results. Furthermore, we also offer Power Factor Correction (PFA) which is designed to help you effectively utilise the electricity supplied to your site to minimise wasted energy.
  • Residential: We work closely with our residential customers to offer inexpensive solutions that meet their performance requirements. Your power usage is measured in conjunction with factors like roof space and budget to generate a free quote!


Discuss solar with our team today

For all your solar Adelaide needs, choose the most reliable experts in the field and start reaping the rewards immediately! Together, we can work towards a more sustainable future while saving you plenty of pennies along the way.


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