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Best Solar Panels & Batteries in Adelaide

Established in 2001 | Proudly SA Owned & Operated

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Residential & Commercial Solar

Residential solar installation with Sungrow inverters and Jinko solar panels

Residential Solar Panels

We are dedicated to delivering home solar power installations for South Australians, ensuring a smooth and straightforward process with aftersales support throughout the life of your solar and battery system.

Solar panels installed on the rooftop of The Playford Hotel in Adelaide

Commercial Solar Panels

Rising electricity rates is prompting companies to find ways to reduce their expenses and demand charges to future proof their operation. We provide powerful feasibility modelling for commercial solar project

Young apprentice electrician from Class A Energy Solutions standing next to a company van, discussing solar panel installation

Residential Inverters & Batteries

Designed to store excess solar energy, home battery systems provide power during peak usage times, blackouts, or when solar production is low. Futureproof today with Solar Storage.

SolarEdge inverters installed at Lambert Estate Wines in Barossa Valley, South Australia

Commercial Inverters & Batteries

Choose from a range of battery capacities with guidance from our in-house experts to meet your storage needs, ensuring more independence in operational expenses.

Local Solar Panel Provider Adelaide, South Australia

Class A Energy Solutions offers products distinguished by their exceptional durability, consistent reliability, and verified efficiency. We are committed to helping you save on your power bills with our cost-effective solar panel and battery storage solutions.

We are a Clean Energy Council (CEC) Member and NETCC Approved Seller. Our track record of excellence proves we provide reliable and high-performance solar and battery systems for homes and businesses.

We have a strong focus on our local South Australian community and operate nationwide with local installers across SA, NT, NSW, VIC, QLD, now serving Australia wide. Our expert teams specialise in residential and commercial solar and battery solutions.

Solar panel installation by crew in the Adelaide Hills

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Unlock the potential of solar energy in your home or business with our flexible finance options.
We’re here to make sustainable energy solutions accessible for everyone, whether for residential or commercial use.
Discover the best finance options tailored for you.

Benefits of installing solar panels Adelaide

Installing solar panels paired with a battery system can drastically reduce your dependence on mains electricity, leading to significant savings on your electricity bills. By generating your own renewable energy and utilizing feed-in tariffs, you can optimize your energy consumption and maximize financial returns.

At Class A Energy Solutions, we specialize in creating customized solar solutions for both residential and commercial clients in Adelaide and across South Australia. Our goal is to support you at every stage of your solar journey, from initial consultation to installation and maintenance. We ensure that you make the best solar choice tailored to your specific property and needs, enhancing both your energy efficiency and savings.

Young apprentice electrician from Class A Energy Solutions standing next to a company van, discussing solar panel installation
Illustration of Australian Government STC Incentives for Solar Panels

Australian Government Incentives

The Small-Scale Technology Certificates (STC) Scheme is an Australian Government initiative designed to incentivize the adoption of renewable energy solutions. Under the STC Scheme, households and small businesses can receive financial benefits by installing eligible solar systems. This solar panel rebate significantly reduces the upfront cost of solar installation, making it more affordable for Australians to transition to clean energy.

At Class A Energy Solutions, we help you navigate the STC Scheme to maximize your solar incentives. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your existing solar panels or install a new solar system, our expert team ensures you get the best solar and batteries deal available. Our services include comprehensive support from the initial consultation through to the installation and claiming of STCs, ensuring a seamless and hassle-free experience.

Benefits of installing commercial batteries

We supply and install commercial batteries in various capacities and sizes, tailored to meet the specific operational needs of your business, regardless of the industry or sector. Our solutions ensure that your energy storage system is optimized for maximum efficiency and reliability, providing you with a dependable source of power.

Our experienced team of solar experts can design an efficient and cost-effective solar power setup integrated with a commercial battery system. This setup will significantly reduce your electricity bills and protect your business from the rising power costs that Adelaide business owners face. Trust Class A Energy Solutions to deliver tailored energy solutions that support your business’s sustainability and financial goals.

Class A Electrician briefing Chris Dittmar about his solar installation

Solar Quotes Adelaide

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Tesla Powerwall installation in Adelaide by Class A Energy Solutions

There are various benefits for installing battery storage systems in Adelaide households. Those that have installed solar batteries enjoy backup power during grid-outages, storage of excess solar power and have the comfort of being shielded from electricity prices rises.

Installing a solar battery system in Adelaide also offers greater flexibility and independence. It helps you reduce your overall electricity bills while maximizing the use of renewable energy, contributing to a sustainable future.