Solar Installers Adelaide

solar installers adelaide

Going Green with Your Business

Absolutely any solar installers Adelaide will be able to confirm that switching to green energy for your business is one of the wisest moves you’ll ever make; helping cut down business expenditures, create a cleaner image for your business, and store energy to back you up during an outage. Depending on your level of energy usage, we’ll customise systems with panels and storage units manufactured by some of the most reputable names in technology: Like LG Chem, Tesla and Fronius.

Most business are highly dependant on power, so we provide ongoing support to make sure you always have access to help when it’s needed. We can also set up a live monitoring system that gives you access to performance data for a visual representation of your savings. Our professional and highly qualified solar installers Adelaide have carried out multiple small-large scale jobs across all commercial industries—reaching 1.3MW!

Why Choose Class A Energy Solutions to be Your Solar Installers Adelaide?

There are plenty of reasons why Class A are the best solar installers Adelaide.

  • We’re highly confident that you’ll see an excellent return on investment if you engage our professionals for your business.
  • We’re a CEC approved solar retailer, which means we align our practice with the highest of industry standards for best results.
  • We strive for excellence in every aspect of our business, including our level of customer service which really sets us apart in our field.
  • To ensure consistent quality, we only source products and components from brands we know and trust for dependable results. With advanced knowledge of solar systems, we can answer any of your questions.
  • Every product is backed by its own manufacturer’s warranty, but we’re your first point of contact for all warranty issues to ensure all issues are resolved by our solar installers Adelaide in a timely manner.

Battery Storage to Make Even Better Use of Your Solar System

While our solar installers Adelaide are securing your panels, we can also install battery storage systems which are designs to capture and retain any unused energy that your panels generate. This is the ideal backup option for your home or business in the event of a power outage, but can even be used during periods where sun exposure is limited (i.e. on cloudy days or at night-time) for consistent power. Systems in our range include:

  • Tesla Powerwall: a 100% self-powered battery storage system that can provide more than 7-days work on continuous power during an extended outage.
  • Eguana: Backed by a 10-year warranty, the Eguana systems include their proprietary power controls paired with industry-leading lithium battery modules from LG Chem-
  • Sonnen: The combination of a PV system and a Sonnen Battery will allow you to cover about 80% of your yearly energy requirement with self-produced and clean energy.
For more information on our range of panels, our installation process or our battery storage systems to optimise your energy usage—speak to our friendly and knowledgeable professionals! Call us directly on (08) 8379 1542 or send through your enquiries online. Our solar installers Adelaide will make sure you have the perfect tailored system for your home or business!

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Class A Energy Solutions is a successful industry leader in domestic and commercial solar sales, design & install. See what our customers think below…

Great pre-sale service, including answering all of my questions. Arrived exactly when they had arranged to and left all work areas clean and tidy. Follow up service and after-sales support have all been more
Laraine Sandow
Laraine Sandow
06:39 12 May 19
Very professional team.....fitted solar panels to workshop and home. Highly recommend Class A energy solutions
Brandon Mass
Brandon Mass
09:49 08 May 19
If you are looking at a solar system for your business I would highly recommend Class A Energy Solutions. Class A Energy Solutions installed a large number of panels on our 2 story Gumeracha Hotel in minimal time and I was blown away by the professionalism from such young electricians. The guys always cleaned up after themselves and always made sure the business would not be interrupted in any way. Great work guys and many more
Mark Warren
Mark Warren
23:57 18 Jan 19
If you are intending to get solar, please read this, it may be of assistance. Our initial search on the web about solar power very quickly produced an extraordinarily steep learning curve. Eventually after some months of looking at various companies and systems we resorted to a web guy called Finn Peacock, the founder of Solar Quotes. Finn recommended us three solar companies for quotes. We chose one for various reasons, one being that the sales rep, Shane Nielsen of Class A Energy Solutions had a superb knowledge on the subject and always answered his phone or returned calls very promptly. After some humming and haring we finally chose a system to our likes and were quoted on it. Anyway a few weeks later as stated by Class A Energy Solutions, an electrician contractor, from NBF Electrical and co-worker arrived at our reasonably remote property on Yorke Peninsula, South Australia. The solar panels were to go on a tin shed roof and wired to the house through existing underground conduit. The conduit was not good enough for the job and much to the credit of Class A Energy Solutions they hired a digging machine and operator to add a new and appropriate conduit and cables. A week or so later the machine, an operator, two electricians and the co-worker arrived and set about installing the solar panels and battery system. It was quite a large job and it continued on into the next day with the electricians seeking shelter that night in a hotel nearby. Eventually the system was switched on and it worked splendidly except our Wi Fi device was incapable of connecting to the inverter. We were unable to read what was going on as far as how much electricity was being produced and how the system was performing. The NBF Electricians said they would be back with a Wi fi booster or repeater. It was done as promised even though we had signed off on the contract and paid the money. The nuts and bolts of this case are: Finn Peacock, of Solar Quotes; Excellent. Shane Nielsen, salesperson, from Class A Energy Solutions, excellent. Class A Energy Solutions also excellent in covering the cost of the trench digging and Wi Fi repeater. NBF Electricians were efficient, friendly and brilliant with the installation of panels and batteries. Later on, the boss of NBF, Nathan Fielke, spent nearly a whole day making sure the booster was working correctly; we were connected to the inverter via the Internet and explaining in great detail how the whole system worked. To say the least, we were both tremendously impressed. Class A Energy Solutions have a superb team for sure. The need for a trench being missed by Class A Energy Solutions was possibly due to not all the nuances with solar having been totally worked out yet. That and the Wi Fi not connecting to the inverter were very small problems which Class A Energy Solutions remedied at their cost. I believe that Class A Energy Solutions have learned from this hiccup with remote properties or with other things that might be problematical, and they will have an electrician/salesperson attend to assess those situations before contracts are signed. Would we go down the same path with the same companies and people? Yes, you betcha, without a doubt. We both feel that we have made all the right moves by exhaustive investigating coupled with a smidgeon of luck, and we have ended up with a really great solar system. We can only conclude that we wholly recommend our particular path to solar and the people and companies involved in making it so. Bring on the sun. :)read more
David Nicholls
David Nicholls
08:14 24 Sep 17
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