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Why do we sit among the top solar companies Adelaide? Because we have a genuine passion for driving energy efficient outcomes that help Australians save, while working towards a more sustainable future.

Our track record of over 10,000 successful installations is testament to our consistent quality and commitment to customers. With no limitations on what can be achieved, we specialise in everything from:

  • Small-large scale solar installations
  • Battery storage solutions
  • Energy auditing and energy optimisation
  • Backup generation
  • Project management and customer service

An additional service we offer is the live commercial and residential monitoring, which enables us to track system performance and identify opportunities for improvement. This information is formatted into simple graphs that even people with no previous solar experience can interpret. Solar companies Adelaide that genuinely care find great reward in your ability to see, and enjoy the reward of solar!


We’re one of the few full-scope solar companies Adelaide that provide solutions to generate energy, store the power, track system performance and optimise your current set-up to help you reap the full reward of solar. As part of this process, we specialise in the supply and installation of battery storage systems which are designed to capture and store the excess energy generated by your panels to use during times when sun exposure is limited.

This means you can sustain your home or business son clean energy 24 hours a day, further protecting you from the burden of rising costs. We have a range of fantastic battery storage systems, designed by some of the most prestigious names in technology such as TeslaLG ChemRedback and Sonnen. Give yourself on-demand energy access by investing in battery storage to complete your solar system!


Unless they can offer peace of mind, they’re not on par with the best solar companies Adelaide. At Class A Energy Solutions, we offer a 5-year warranty on the installation of our solar systems. Any failure or breakage relating to our workmanship is 100% covered!

In addition to our own workmanship, customers are also covered by warranties that have been put in place by the product manufacturer, which means they’re subject to vary throughout the range. For example, the Tesla Powerwall is backed by a 10-year performance warranty which our team of experts will run you through upon purchase.

Furthermore, since October 2018, 40,000 South Australian households have had access to $100 million in State Government subsidies to pay for the installation of battery storage systems in their homes through the SA Home Battery Scheme. We’re one of the few solar companies Adelaide deemed a Qualified System Provider.


Discuss solar with our team today

If you’re ready to make the move to clean, green energy—work with one of the leading solar companies Adelaide and choose Class A Energy Solutions! Whether it’s for a home or workplace, give us a call and we’ll tailor a solution that meets your performance needs.


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