South Australia Home Battery Scheme now availableSA Home Battery Scheme

BYD has grown to be the largest manufacturer of lithium-ion batteries globally. They produce lithium-ion batteries for many electric vehicle manufacturers across the world and have now also developed their battery storage range for homes and businesses.

Using the super-stable LiFePO4 (lithium iron phosphate – considered the safest of Li-ion chemistries) battery chemistry, the B-Box BPLUS 2.5kWh battery module offers an extremely flexible and robust solution for energy storage applications. It can reach up to 1C continuous discharge rate (the┬ádischarge current that will discharge the entire battery in 1 hour) and a peak discharge rate of 2C, allowing it to be well suited for high load applications in both off-grid and backup scenarios. The battery also uses a lithium iron phosphate chemistry that is considered as the safest and most stable compound used in lithium-ion batteries. In addition, the battery unit can be scaled up to 80kWh, making it suitable for both commercial and residential applications.

*note: one cabinet can fit up to 4 battery modules.