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Commercial Solar for Trade Businesses

For over 30 years, Mine Maintenance & Construction (MMC) has been servicing mine sites across Northern Australia with engineering and personnel solutions in the construction, mining and earth moving industries. Mine Maintenance & Construction prides itself on being one of the few genuine Territory owned and operated mining and construction firms. Mine Maintenance & Construction delivers quality people and has earned itself the reputation as a leader in mining knowledge and supplier of specialist personnel across the Northern Territory.

The installation of a commercial solar system allows MMC to significantly decrease the power bill, creating the ability to supply complete daytime energy requirements for MMC while also having a decreased environmental impact.

CSIRO large scale solar (PV and CST) technologies.

Class A Energy Solutions is a successful industry leader in solar sales, design and installation, completing thousands of solar installations across Australia. We have a small and dedicated team with an incredible depth of knowledge of the Australian solar industry, built over the past 20+ years.

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