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Adelaide Solar Panels by Class A Energy Solutions

Chris Milton Engine Developments

Located in Prospect, South Australia, Chris Milton Engine Developments is your complete choice for high performance engines and engine development.

Whether it be Circuit, Drag, Speedway, Street or Bike, Chris Milton Engine Developments have many years of experience in all.

The company, being one of the largest and best equipped shops in Australia which can offer you a complete and personal service. They are a family run business in it’s second generation and they take great pride in their name and in their product.

Like most businesses power costs are a concern and any savings that can be made whether is be solar or through the use of VSD’s then businesses will investigate several different alternatives to see what works for them.

In this case solar was the answer & being cash flow positive from day one this was a simple decision.

Chris Milton Engine Developments commissioned Class A Energy Solutions to install a 20kW commercial solar system which will save them on average 30,660kWh per year in electricity consumption.

System comprised of Schneider Conext Inverters and 250W premium panels.


About Us

Over 100 years of combined racing experience.

Chris Milton Engine Developments is your one stop shop for engine parts, complete engine machining, engineering and assembly services.

Whether it be a standard re-build or an ultra-high performance circuit, drag, speedway, street or motorbike, we have decades of experience in all disciplines. Our company is one of the largest and best equipped shops in Australia. We deliver a complete and personal service with the peace of mind in knowing that you are dealing with a second generation, family owned and run business.

Located in Prospect, South Australia, we machine and build all of our own engines in-house, drawing upon a large inventory of parts sourced from respected global manufactures & our own product manufactured & designed in-house. This eliminates the need to sub-contract services to a third party, meaning that we retain control of the quality and componentry from start to finish. As a result, you do not pay inflated prices and will only be dealing with one company that underwrites the quality control for your entire build.

Chris Milton Engine Developments is associated with some of the most elite Motorsport teams in Australia and we carry through this professional service and dedication to all our customers, no matter how big or small.


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Chris Milton Engines
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