From October 2018, 40,000 South Australian households will have access to $100 million in State Government subsidies to pay for the installation of home battery systems under the SA Home Battery Scheme (HBS).

In addition to directly reducing electricity costs for the 40,000 households that purchase a subsidised household energy storage system, this will reduce demand on the network (especially during peak periods). Initially the scheme was limited to the use of Sonnen batteries, but this has been expanded to include many other manufacturers.

We sell and install industry-leading systems from; TESLA, SolarEdge/LG Chem, Sonnen, Eguana, BYD B-Box and Redback/Pylontech. See our Battery Storage page for more.

For more information about the HBS, visit the Government of SA’s  Department for Energy and Mining site.

Talk to one of our friendly staff about any aspect of the HBS, or any of our battery storage options. Contact us today!


For Sonnen Customers, Don’t forget about sonnenFlat! (Class A Energy Solutions is an authorised Sonnen partner, and offers the sonnenBatterie approved under the HBS)

sonnenFlat is a retail electricity offer available to anyone with at least a 5kW solar system and a sonnen battery system with a minimum of 8kWh of capacity. An ideal addition to your solar system and sonnenBatterie in South Australia.

There are three primary criteria for someone to sign up for the sonnenFlat program. You must:

  • Have a functional solar system with a minimum capacity of 5kW,
  • Have a sonnen eco 8.2/8 battery system (8kWh storage capacity) or larger, and
  • Be connected to the grid.


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